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Here are examples of the people I've worked with:

One couple who never learned how to communicate such that they could deeply understand each other. They worked with me, and now they can.

Parents who didn't have a relationship with their LGBTQ kids. They worked with me, and now they do.

A woman was sexually abused as a child. She couldn't fully love her husband. She worked with me, and now she loves her husband fully.

An owner wanted his business to grow. They worked with me and have experienced 20% growth for the last two years in a row.

A man who didn't think he was worthy of his or God's love. He worked with me and discovered that there is nothing he could do that would make him unworthy of God's love or of his own self-love.

My clients usually work with me after the off-the-shelf solutions haven't worked.


If we are a match, we will talk through the deep portions of your life.  Our conversations free up your attention and energy to be and to do what you really want.

I've spent the last 20 years and about a quarter of a million dollars with the best leaders, consultants, and coaches in the world to become someone who can have these conversations.

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